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The organisation was founded on Friday 1st July 1977 by Barry Whitaker and Michael Clay.

After long deliberations they decided to call this new company Allertex Ltd – “Aller” from Allerton - a district of Bradford, West Yorkshire, where Barry Whitaker lived at the time, and “Tex” from the word textiles.

In the beginning Allertex was only working with a few European companies, the main ones being Seydel & Co, Germany  and SACM, France.  However, our work with the French weaving machine manufacturer soon started to earn itself an outstanding reputation which led to the representation of other agencies, the first of which was the French company Muller (later known as Dollfus & Muller) - a partnership which continues to this day.  Within the first year the two Directors were joined by a further two Sales Technicians who were previous colleagues from BL Engineering. 

In 1986 Allertex was appointed the UK sales agency for the German company Lindauer DORNIER, the world-renowned manufacturer of weaving machines.  This partnership has proved to be highly successful, with DORNIER now holding the largest percentage of machines in the UK.

Eventually Michael Clay, and then Barry Whitaker, retired from the business. Their successors, who purchased and took control of the business, were Neil Fielding and John McBride - both long-term employees.  This enabled a smooth transition of the operation of the company and the continuation of its aims to provide the best possible service to both it's principals and customers alike.

A further development in the history of the company happened in February of 2008.  After spending more than 30 years in Bradford, West Yorkshire, the company moved into new premises - a modern office / warehouse facility in Nelson, Lancashire.  Continuing the theme of recruiting experienced, well respected staff from within the textile trade, Allertex brought into the organisation Mr Andy Pullen, who has now grown into the role of Technical Service and Sales for Dornier and the material handling equipment manufacturer Genkinger, amongst others.


Celebrating its 40th year of operation, Allertex continues to evolve and service the UK textile industry helping its customers meet the many challenges in the global market through the provision of technical advancements offered by its partners' products.   The company has had a long and distinguished past, but it continues to adhere to it's founding principles and looks forward to a bright future.  

Old Allertex Building, Bradford.
New Allertex Building, Nelson.
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